Trade With Us!

Sometimes it takes a tribe to make something magical

There's so much to do at Vela, do you have a skill you would like to offer in exchange for some of our services? 

The way it works: You provide us with a service and tell us what you charge hourly and we give you that dollar amount in credit for Massage, Facials, Sauna Sessions and/or Retail Products. Or we see what you have to offer and decide on a fair trade.


Tasks we need help with:

  • Spa Helper

    • Help greet clients, do laundry, wash cups, and light cleaning.

    • Must commit to a minimum of one 4 hour shift once a month.

    • Shifts are 3-7pm. Please only apply if you are available these times.

    • $20 credit per hour worked, may be used for any services or retail items. 

  • Landscaping

    • Includes but not limited to: Leaf blowing, trimming back plants, planting, weed whacking and keeping the property looking nice.

  • Adding Beauty

    • Do you have an outdoor/indoor sculpture or piece of art that would add some beauty, fun or creativity to our space? Let us see it! Currently seeking outdoor furniture.

  • Painting

    • We often need painting jobs done​, we use only low VOC paints.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

    • There's usually a project available such as electrical, wood working, deep cleaning, and various repairs.




Contact us below if you are interested in a trade, please specify what you are interested in trading with us.