Trade With Us!

Sometimes it takes a tribe to make something magical

There's so much to do at Vela, do you have a skill you would like to offer in exchange for some of our services? 

The way it works: You provide us with a service and tell us what you charge hourly and we give you that dollar amount in credit for Massage, Facials, Sauna Sessions and/or Retail Products. Or we see what you have to offer and decide on a fair trade.


Tasks we need help with:

  • Landscaping

    • Includes but not limited to: Leaf blowing, trimming back plants, planting, weed whacking and keeping the property looking nice

  • Adding Beauty

    • Do you have an outdoor/indoor sculpture or piece of art that would add some beauty, fun or creativity to our space? Let us see it! Also, any indoor decor such as furniture, rugs or art.

  • Painting

    • We often need painting jobs done​, we use only low VOC paints

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

    • There's usually a project available such as electrical, wood working, deep cleaning, and various repairs




Contact us below if you are interested in a trade, please specify what you are interested in trading with us.