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Vela is a day retreat serving Grass Valley, Nevada City, and surrounding areas. We offer professional massage, sugar scrubs, all-natural facials, and waxing in spacious, beautiful rooms. Our massage and facial services include a complimentary steam sauna session in our communal, outdoor facilities privately set amongst the trees. We also offer private Infrared Sauna sessions at an additional charge. We can accommodate up to 7 massages at a time allowing you and your friends to be in a state of bliss together. Great for bridal parties, birthdays, or just because.


We Provide:


  • A Towel & Robe

  • Filtered Water & Hot Tea

  • Indoor & Outdoor Showers

  • A Beautiful Setting


How We Are Different

Vela is owned and operated by Brandy Hill, a Massage Therapist since 1995. Her goal in opening Vela was to create a space where superior quality massage could be found 7 days a week. We encourage feedback and strive to find the right massage therapist for your individual needs. Here are a few examples of the efforts we’ve taken to be the best place to receive massage:


  • All of our Massage Therapists are licensed by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), this licensing ensures our staff has attended and completed sufficient training at approved schools, and has undergone state-required background checks.

  • Our massage rooms are large, clean, and free of the chemical smells associated with most day spas.

  • We use organic and paraben-free oils and lotions.

  • All of our massages/sugar scrubs include a 30 minute complimentary steam or infrared sauna session.

  • We never cut your massage time, if you pay for 60 minutes that’s what you get.

  • Our massage therapists have a 30 minute break between each session. No assembly line massage here!

  • We only hire massage therapists that are skilled and trained in Deep Tissue therapies. Allowing the option of a lighter touch but the assurance that we can work at a much deeper level.

  • Competitive prices. We believe that regular massage will help keep you in better mental, spiritual and physical health so we offer a reduction in our already low prices if you commit to coming weekly or monthly.

  • Complimentary tea, filtered water and chocolate are always available.

  • There is an outdoor deck for lounging about.


Where Did The Name Vela Come From?

Vela, pronounced Vee-La, is a constellation. Owner, Brandy, had a dear friend named Rosemary, they became friends when Brandy was 22 and Rosemary was 70. Rosemary gave Brandy a constellation book many years before she opened Vela. Brandy was flipping through this book at the time she was deciding on a name for her future business. She was drawn to the constellation Argo Navis, a ship. The sail of the ship is Vela, and it seemed so appropriate, Brandy had traveled the world because of the flexibility her massage career had provided, it was and still is her sail. And massage has kept her ship (body) going all these years, since she was 19 years old she has received regular bodywork and kept on sailing through life!

We hope that your experience at Vela Massage Retreat is exceptional. Please keep in mind that massage is a very personal experience and it may be necessary to try several massage therapists before you find your match. Feel free to express what you are looking for in your massage so we can better match you with one of our excellent massage therapists.




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