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Skin Care


Facial Treatment


 Vela draws the highest level of professionalism and skill available to deliver therapeutic and relaxing facials in a relaxing and peaceful environment. We use wildcrafted, organic and natural ingredients in high performance products that give outstanding results.


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Licensed Esthetician since 2020

School attended:
Hoss Lee Academy, Roseville, CA

Areas of Study:
Skin analysis, Skin anatomy and physiology, Customized organic facials, European facial massage, Manual lymphatic drainage, Microdermabraision, Kineticdermabrasion, Chemical exfoliation, Ultrasonic and LED light therapy, and Hair removal.

"I treat skincare as a holistic experience for the body, mind, and soul. Weaving together the science of skin analysis, effective products, and techniques, each treatment is customized to individual skin needs and goals.
I offer a space of calm presence and care, whether your intentions are for relaxation, deep cleansing, renewal, or beauty-centered.”


Kaelin Johnson

Licensed Esthetician since 2022

School attended:
Paul Mitchell, Sacramento, CA

Areas of Study:
Skin analysis, Skin anatomy and physiology, Customized organic facials, Microdermabrasion, Chemical exfoliation, and Hair removal.

"As our world continues its ever-accelerating pace, esthetician services can provide a calm soothing break from our busy lives, resulting in skin that feels supple and nourished. The decision to alter my course from a high-stress high intense business career and embrace the nurturing grace of esthetics is a gift that I’m thrilled to share with this community!  With respect to the incredibly personal nature of skincare, I’m here as a guide, an ally, and an enthusiast to help you achieve goals, develop expert routines, and share in the joy of intentional self-care.  Being curious and engaged with both the latest science-backed and traditional natural remedies provides me with the ability to implement a fully tailored experience to best meet your needs."

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