Skin Care


 We use wildcrafted, organic and natural ingredients in high performance products that give outstanding results.


Nila Negron

Licensed Esthetician (LE) since 2007
Schools Attended:
Institute of Beauty Culture, Pismo Beach, CA

Areas of study:
Skin Physiology, Skin Analysis, Facial Massage, Microdermabrasion and Waxing


"As a skin care professional, I love sharing with others about how to nourish their skin from the inside out, through balanced nutrition, stress reduction and a customized routine for their skin type and lifestyle. In the treatment room, my intention is to create a calm and supportive environment for clients to fully let go and relax so that they may receive a deeply restorative experience for body, mind and spirit."

Amanda Wright

Licensed Esthetician (LE) since 2009
Schools Attended:
Paul Mitchell Cosmetology Career Center, Dallas, Texas
Texas Laser Institute, Las Colinas, Texas


Areas of Study:
Skin anatomy, Facials, Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, Lasers, Massage techniques, and Hair removal


"My passion for the beauty industry began at a very young age.  Eventually, the goals of the clients' became my main interest. I began focusing on custom treatments, while providing a relaxing and trustworthy atmosphere. I am licensed in both Texas and California and have spent much time in a medical spa setting.  Now I am getting back to my natural approach roots, including but not limited to, diet, lifestyle and organic ingredients.  All of which make up a healthy skin care routine to maintain your youthful glow, inside and out."

Chloee Blair

Licensed Esthetician since: 2012

Schools attended :

Paul Mitchell The School, Sacramento


Areas of study: Ingredient reading, skin care, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, facial massage, and waxing 


"As an esthetician, I have strived for years to perfect each and everything that I have studied. I love learning and continue to grow with each client I work with. I have great passion for this industry. My hope is to continue my education and bring wonderful services to my clients.

Chelsea Beaver

Licensed Esthetician (LE) since 2016

Schools Attended: 

Federico Beauty Institute, Sacramento, CA


Areas of Study:

Facials, Extractions, Waxing, Anatomy and Skin Sciences, Product Ingredients.


"I have a passion for skin care and love to make my clients feel confident in their own skin.  I love giving treatments that are not only tailored to my client's personal skin care goals, but are also relaxing and soothing."

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