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Sugar Scrubs

Abstract Water


Body Scrubs

Increase circulation, soften skin and slow down

Vela draws the highest level of professionalism and skill available to deliver therapeutic services in a relaxing and peaceful environment. 


Foot Spa Lounge


A 45-minute treatment that will allow you to slow down, relax and give your feet some love. Submerge your feet in a heated, vibrating tub with detoxifying, activated bamboo charcoal, sea salts, and essential oils, while you are seated in our powerful Shiatsu massage lounge chair. Close your eyes and relax with a heated herbal eye mask and weighted blanket. This is a communal space, earplugs are provided if desired, or bring your headphones and listen to music on your phone. Ask about our Sensory Retreats meditation or singing bowls, and have free access to listen. We encourage you to wear something loose and comfortable. This treatment ends with 30 minutes in our infrared or steam sauna. Plan on being away for 1.5 hours.

Benefits of our Foot Spa Lounge:

Relieves stress and helps you feel relaxed

Eases pain and muscle cramps

Boosts nerve and muscle function

Helps prevent blood clots

Soothes pain from sprains and bruises‌

Eases gout pain and discomfort

Heated eye masks help with sinus pressure, dry eyes, & headaches

Foot soak reduces and prevents athlete’s foot and treats toenail fungus

Weighted blankets help calm a restless body, and reduce feelings of anxiety

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