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Meditating in Nature


Appointments and reservations:
We welcome walk-in guests, however, Vela is a popular destination so we may not always be able to fit you in. We recommend calling in advance. Same day appointments may be made.

When you make an appointment, it is reserved especially for you. Our staff is waiting just for you. We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling. Please understand that when you fail to show or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time with another client. 

Confirmation texts and emails (depending on your preference) are sent in advance because we know how easy it is to forget an appointment you booked months ago. So please be sure the contact info we have for you is correct. “NO SHOWS” will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount. Appointments canceled, altered, or rescheduled within 24 hours of the start time will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount.


Intake Forms:

A general release form must be signed by all clients before receiving any treatments or using any facilities at Vela. Additionally, an intake form must be completed so we know where you may be needing any specific attention or any possible contraindications. 

There's no need to arrive earlier than your appointment time if you are not using the sauna and have filled out our intake form. If you will be using the sauna before your massage, we will guide you to one of our private changing rooms where you will change into a robe, flip flops, sarong or your swimsuit (we do not provide swimsuits). Our steam sauna is clothing optional, co-ed and communal. One robe, towel and sarong is provided free of charge for our massage and facial clients. Additional ones may be rented.

Late arrivals:
While we will always try to accommodate your treatments, a late arrival may mean a reduction in your treatment time due to adjacent bookings.


Quiet zone:

Please respect the privacy and solitude of other guests by speaking in a soft voice and turning off cell phones. In order to allow all guests, including parents that have paid for a sitter, to enjoy the serene, quiet setting we've created at Vela, we ask that children not receiving a service be left at home. If a guest is wearing a white beaded necklace please refrain from engaging in conversation with them. Ask the receptionist where you can find one if you prefer to not chat during your visit to Vela. Please leave pets at home and not in your vehicle or on the property, while we love furry friends, they tend to bark at other guests, not very inviting!

Our saunas are clothing optional, co-ed and communal. We do have a private Infrared Sauna available for an extra charge. If you are receiving a service we will provide you with a robe, towel, flip flops and sarong. Your Massage Therapist or Skin Care Specialist will leave the room so you may get undressed and slide under the covers on the cozy, heated massage table. You will be draped appropriately during the massage, only areas being worked on will be exposed. If there is an article of clothing you prefer to leave on, as to feel more comfortable, then please do. You should feel safe and comfortable!

Health concerns & communication:
Prior to your service, tell your therapist the areas in which to avoid due to any concerns or injuries. Our therapists are fully trained professionals who will ensure your treatment will benefit your body to its fullest. Please feel entirely comfortable with your therapist and be as open as possible when communicating any pains, injuries, pregnancies, or any requirements you may have or need to ensure your service is exceptional. 


Smoking Policy:

We ask that you refrain from smoking on the property. We do not furnish a designated smoking area. If the urge arises, please limit smoking to inside your vehicle. 

Children must be at least 5 years of age to receive massage at Vela. Children 10 and older are welcome in our saunas. In order to allow all guests, including parents that have paid for a sitter, to enjoy the serene, quiet setting we've created at Vela, we ask that children not receiving a service be left at home. Any guest under the age of 18, must have a signed consent form provided by their parents prior to any service. A parent must be present at all times. We recommend one of our couples rooms for simultaneous services with your little one.

All clients using our steam sauna will put their clothes/belongings into a basket, which they keep with them. We recommend leaving valuables at home or in your car, keep in mind that jewelry will be removed for your massage/facial and is not recommended in the sauna. This is the number one item left behind at Vela. Vela is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Gratuities have not been included in the services and are left solely to your discretion. Standard consideration is 15-25% of the fee for each service received.

Thank you! We look forward to meeting you!



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